Rhode Island Commuter Rail Component

EA Harper is working with VHB to add commuter rail and bus rapid transit components to the Rhode Island Statewide Model.  Work requires expansion of the auto vs. local bus mode choice model using TransCAD and GISDK, integration with results ...
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External Models – Roanoke, VA

Making use of the AirSage mobile phone data,  Ms. Harper assisted WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff to develop and validate the internal-external and the through trip tables for Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization's (RVTPO) new regional model.  A method for extracting trips relevant to ...
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Clean Pass Vehicle Operational Performance – Long Island Expressway

Ms. Harper assisted with the analysis of the impacts on congestion of operational changes to the Long Island Expressway HOV facility. Making use of a customized version of the current New York Best Practices model, Ms.  Harper provided forecasts and ...
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Commuter Rail Forecasting in Jacksonville Florida

For the Jacksonville Transportation Authority in Florida, and as a sub-consultant to WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff, EA Harper developed and tested eight future year scenarios for Jacksonville’s southeast commuter rail project. Work required network coding and modifications of the CUBE-based model - commensurate with ...
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Model Calibration – Piedmont Triad, NC

EA Harper Consulting recalibrated the mode choice and destination choice model components of the Piedmont Triad Regional Model (PTRM) in Greensboro, NC.  Specific tasks required an analysis and merging (using SPSS) of two National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) add-on datasets ...
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Origin-User Equilibrium Testing – North Carolina Statewide Model

A full assessment of the efficacy of implementing a Origin-User Equilibrium approach for the North Carolina Statewide Model (NCSTM) was undertaken by EA Harper Consulting under contract to WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff.  Work included background research on the theory of OUE assignments, development ...
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Long Island Railroad Origin Destination Survey

Using SPSS, Ms. Harper is analyzing the data from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (New York) origin destination survey of passengers on the Long Island Railroad. Travel markets and geographic travel patterns are being analyzed (working with AECOM) ...
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New Starts Forecasting – Purple Line

Ms. Harper managed the enhancements of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) regional model, in support of Alternatives Analyses in two separate corridors in the Washington, D.C. region.  Corridors included the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT) in Frederic and Montgomery Counties ...
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New Starts Forecasting – Detroit, MI

The Southeast Regional Council of Governments (SEMCOG) travel demand model was updated to incorporate a new mode choice model and an air passenger model.  Ms. Harper (assisting Parsons Brinckerhoff) modified TransCAD scripts to allow for forecasting travel on modes that did ...
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